Newly Discovered Adobe Exploits

Adobe…what’s going on with all of these exploits? Between Adobe Acrobat/Reader and Adobe Flash it seems there are new Adobe Exploits every few weeks.

The latest Security Bulletin from Adobe, APSB19-02, includes two new exploits present in Windows and Mac versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Adobe has classified these exploits as “High-Priority”, this means the exploit is present but so far hasn’t been taken advantage of by known malware, ransomware, and viruses. Adobe recommends that you complete the patching within 30 days.

Here are the versions that are affected:

ProductTrackUpdated VersionsPlatformPriority RatingAvailability
Acrobat DCContinuous2019.010.20069Windows and macOS2Windows

Acrobat Reader DCContinuous2019.010.20069
Windows and macOS2Windows

Acrobat 2017Classic 20172017.011.30113Windows and macOS2Windows

Acrobat Reader DC 2017Classic 20172017.011.30113Windows and macOS2Windows

Acrobat DCClassic 20152015.006.30464Windows and macOS2Windows

Acrobat Reader DCClassic 20152015.006.30464Windows and macOS2Windows


These exploits were discovered via the Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative by
 Sebastian Apelt and Abdul Aziz Hariri. There will be an additional, regularly scheduled, patch released on Tuesday, January 8th.

Patch your workstations ASAP.