Windows 10 – Live Announcements

What We Thought vs. We We Got

Today’s 1PM EDT announcement has brought a few surprises and confirmed a few expectations. We’ll be updating this post throughout the Microsoft event.

Microsoft Windows 10 Logo - Courtesy of
Microsoft Windows 10 Logo – Courtesy of


  • What We Thought: The next version of Windows would be named Windows 9.
  • What We Got: Windows 10

Upgrade Cost

  • What We Thought: It will be a free upgrade for for Windows 8 users.
  • What We Got: Microsoft declined to discuss upgrade and pricing information during the Q&A session.

Start Menu:

  • What We Thought: The Start Menu will make a valiant return
  • What We Got: Start menu does indeed make a return. There is a “Me” tile on the start menu with pinned apps. Some aspects of the Start Menu will be re-sizable.


  • We Thought: Cortana voice assistant will be included.
  • We Got: No official word yet. However, Microsoft did indicate that Windows 10 is also the next version for Windows phone. This seems to indicate Cortana will be included.

Release Date

  • What We Thought: Summer/Fall 2015 Release to retail, with a developer/technical preview coming very soon
  • What We Got:  Retail release will be late 2015. Technical Preview will be released tomorrow (October 1, 2014)

Other Notable Items

  • There will be a separate touch mode and keyboard/mouse mode that will optimize the interface for your input
  • The “Charms Bar” is staying, but may change slightly
  • You can now Ctrl + V to paste into a command prompt window.
  • You’ll have the option of using Multiple Desktops in Windows 10, with different apps on each desktop
  • The Windows 7 Snap View and Win Key + Arrow Keys works again in Windows 10
  • Technical Preview will be available tomorrow and can be downloaded from the Windows Insider program at
  •  Windows 10 will also be the next version for Windows Phone.

I followed coverage from The Verge today, they did a fantastic job with their live blogging and tweeting. I’ll be reviewing the Windows 10 Technical Preview very soon and will have lots more Windows 10 details.

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